Democratic Alliance Mulls Dual List in Parliamentary Elections
Democratic Alliance Mulls Dual List in Parliamentary Elections
Saturday, October 1,2011 13:56

 Democratic Alliance General Coordinator, Dr. Wahid Abdul Magid, stated that the coalition is expected to discuss the possibility of participating in the elections with a dual list. According to Abdul Magid the notion follows the large number of the Alliance's candidates running in the parliamentary elections as well as having multiple candidates in same constituencies. "The number of nominees is huge especially from the Freedom and Justice Party and the Wafd Party," he said.

Abdul Magid added that "There has been an initial consensus that both the FJP and Wafd candidates will top the nominee lists. A meeting has been scheduled to take place today and the final decisions concerning the joint lists will be announced later."
In a related context, Yasin Tag el Deen from the Wafd Committee confirmed that candidates from the party will run for seats in all constituencies. He stated "If agreed, the Wafd Party is expected to open the door to members of Democratic Alliance parties to join its lists."
He added: "The Wafd and Muslim Brotherhood will remain allied on all national fronts."
For his part, Dr. Essam el Erian FJP Vice President, stated "It is technically difficult for the Democratic Alliance to join the elections with only one list due to the large number of candidates, particularly those of FJP and Al-Wafd." It is for that reason that Al-Wafd might have a separate list, and this is now being discussed in ongoing meetings between Al-Wafd and the other parties in the Alliance, Erian said.
The Democratic Alliance for Egypt is comprised of more than 40 parties including the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party and the Liberal Al-Wafd Party.