Landslide Victory for MB in October 6 Club Elections
Landslide Victory for MB in October 6 Club Elections
Saturday, September 17,2011 13:19
By Deana Mohamed
The Muslim Brotherhood’s electoral list won a sweeping victory in the October 6 Club’s elections Saturday. Winning the club's presidency by a 2500 vote lead was MB businessman Abdul Rahman Souedy, while MB lawyer Taher Qutb won the club’s vice president seat.

Other MB winning candidates included Dr. Ossama Suleiman, Abdul Rahman Al-Tahan, Mustafa Abdul Rahman and Mahmoud Al-Qalmawy.

Addressing the club’s members, Dr. Abdul Rahman Souedy thanked all candidates describing them as winners with their dignified behaviour during the elections. “Today’s elections proved that all who bid for seats are winners with their respectable approach and acceptance to the elections and its results,” he said.

Following the elections, the MB members in an unprecedented move took to cleaning the club and tidying what was left from the elections demonstrating the group’s methods and commitment to the club’s well-being.