FJP Meets with Catholic Leaders, Stresses on National Unity
FJP Meets with Catholic Leaders, Stresses on National Unity
Wednesday, September 7,2011 00:07

A delegation from the Catholic Church in Asuit visited leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party at the MB’s headquarters Tuesday.

During the meeting both parties agreed to form a committee made up of Muslims and Copts to help coordinate projects between the two.
Fathers Carlos William, Marcus Boutros Mathaus Adeeb, Busab Mahny and Yousef Musad attended the meeting with MB and FJP  leaders Dr. Mohamed Kamel, Dr. Yehia Keshk,  Ali Ezz, Dr. Kamal el Deen Hussein, Sameer Khashaba, and Eng. Husseini Lazoumy.

According to Khashaba, “Muslims and Copts in Egypt are one and equal and it is significant that both parties acknowledge this and work on uniting, coordinating and cooperating together and It is important that we accept the initiated  proposal by MB chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie to open constant dialogue channels between Muslims and Copts in Egypt.”

Father Motran agreed stressing “These meetings between the MB and Copts have proved to be amicable and it is significant that the whole community understands this. Extremism is the result of ignorance about the essence of religion, and positive behaviour between the two and education will help solve such problems.”