MB Hosts Iftar Honoring Revolution Martyrs
MB Hosts Iftar Honoring Revolution Martyrs
Sunday, August 21,2011 16:22
The Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie hosted an Iftar remembering and honouring the victims that were killed in the January 25 Revolution on Saturday at the group’s headquarters in Cairo.

The guests at the dinner included MB Deputy Chairmen Eng. Khairat AlShater and Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat. Other guests included MB Executive member Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Barr and the group’s Shura Council member Mohamed Wahdan.

The Chairman addressed the victims’ families describing those who died as martyrs that will never be forgotten as they sacrificed their lives for Egyptians to live a life of dignity and freedom.

He called on the families to regard the MB members as their fathers, sons, husbands and brothers.