Commentary: Muslim Brotherhood and Democracy, Mutually Exclusive?
Commentary: Muslim Brotherhood and Democracy, Mutually Exclusive?
Thursday, August 18,2011 15:21

Latest events in the Middle East, particularly Egypt following the January 25 revolution, have proven that the conservative Muslim Brotherhood is the true pro-democracy advocate, compared to liberal groups which ironically behaved so undemocratically after the fall of the regime. The MB is a staunch supporter of free choice, freedom of expression, peaceful rotation of power, respect to the rule of law, and protecting the rights of electoral minority.

The Muslim Brotherhood declared from the beginning of the transition period in Egypt that free elections are the only way to express the peoples’ choice, achieve democratic society and replace military council with civilian elected government, at a time where so-called liberal or secular groups attempted to circumvent the will of people following an overwhelmingly transparent referendum, extend military rule for years until new constitution is drafted by a select group that meets their narrow political interests, regardless of the interests of the entire nation.

Therefore, putting the MB on one side, and pro-democracy opposition on the other as
this article is suggesting, implies that MB and democracy are mutually exclusive, which indeed defies realty on the ground in many Middle East countries revolting against their oppressive secular regimes. This belief is not just hollow promises, but translated into actions which have been felt across the world and earned the MB international respect and recognition, and led governments such as the US, which was untill few months ago wary about even the notion of MB winning elections, into accepting MB as fully credentialed democractic parter potentially in power.