MB Welcomes Arab Leaders' Decision to Summon Ambassadors From Syria
MB Welcomes Arab Leaders' Decision to Summon Ambassadors From Syria
Tuesday, August 9,2011 09:14
By Hussein Mahmoud

Muslim brotherhood Secretary General Dr. Mahmoud Hussein welcomed the decision by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain to recall their ambassadors from Syria. The decisions came amid mounting pressure from the Arab world on Syrian regime to end its brutal crackdown on anti-government protests.

According to Hussein, the decisions came late but are welcomed, after Arab leaders in these countries condemned the crackdown describing it as 'unacceptable. He ascertained that the leaders’ decision follows protests in neighbouring Arab countries against the Syrian government.

Last week, the MB had organized several protests in Cairo against the crackdowns on peaceful protestors in Syria and condemning the Arab League, which had remained silent since the uprising began. It also called for necessary action to be taken against those responsible for oppressing the people of Libya and Yemen, and called for the immediate halt of all violence.

Speaking to Ikhwanweb, Hussein urged the Arab League Secretary General Nabil El Araby to call on the Syrian authorities to launch serious dialogue with protesters, describing freedom of speech as the most basic human rights. He called on the Arab League, the Arab Nations and the Muslim World to step in, be assertive and demonstrate unity and solidarity with the innocent and peaceful Syrians who deserve to live a dignified and free life.