MB to Launch Independent Daily
MB to Launch Independent Daily
Wednesday, July 20,2011 11:11

October 6 has been announced as the launching date of the Muslim Brotherhood’s first independent daily newspaper after the revolution. According to journalist, Mohamed Abdul Quddos, the paper is designed for readers who want a concise, quality daily paper, which will have a distinctive new look and feel after years of suppression by the ousted Mubarak and his regime.

Abdul Quddos, member of the Press Syndicate’s Freedoms Committee who will be the paper’s editorial adviser, stated to Ikhwanweb that he expects the paper be vibrant, credible, and provides in-depth and intelligent analysis of current Egypt's and world's affairs, on top of MB briefings delivered in a first-class journalism. He stressed that free press is a fundamental democratic tool.

He added the paper, which has not been named, will be independent and will include everyone's views and reach out to all readers in an attempt to present the open-minded vision of the group following the revolution.The MB has launched numerous papers prior to the revolution however were repeatedly shut down by the former regime.