Coptic FJP Vice President Describes Relations with MB
Coptic FJP Vice President Describes Relations with MB
Thursday, June 9,2011 16:09

Coptic writer, intellectual and professor, Dr. Rafiq Habib was nominated to serve as the vice president of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) representing the Muslim Brotherhood. In a recent interview with the Middle East Monitor, he highlighted that the founders of the party, which he described as the political expression of the MB which was formerly banned under the Mubarak regime, included 93 Copts and nearly 1000 women.

According to Habib, the welcoming of Christians and women by the MB, serves to contrast the accusations of exclusion addressed to the Brotherhood by many groups. He maintained that the FJP is totally distinct from the MB and that the FJP, as an NGO, shall deal with social activities and offer aid to the community. Habib explained that the group and the party are independent, both financially and managerially. However, he added that they will assist one another when necessary, such as during elections.

Addressing peace issues, members of the FJP formerly asserted that the party will endorse all the international treaties concluded under the former regime, including the Camp David Peace Accords, on the condition that Israel does not breach any of its terms or clauses. 

Habib added that he accepted the post of VP of the FJP despite Coptic rejection in an attempt to bridge the gap between Egyptian Muslims and Christians which occurred due to the former dictatorship regime. He assured that the party calls for a modern civil state based on Islamic references which guarantee equality and justice for all.