Will Syria's Unrest Continue Amid World Apathy?
Will Syria's Unrest Continue Amid World Apathy?
Sunday, June 5,2011 11:28

Despite promises to end Syria’s draconian decades-old emergency laws, government forces continue to crack down on the opposition and the unprecedented pro-democracy protests continue to erupt across the country.

Syrian security forces open fire on crowds, tanks encircle the towns, and civilians continue to be killed as the world looks on.

Thousands of people, including security forces and soldiers, have been killed since the onset of Syria’s protests in mid-March calling for an end to autocratic rule.

Attempts although not enough continue against the Syrian leadership which has drawn increasing international criticism and modest sanctions over its military crackdown on the two months of pro-democracy unrest in which rights groups say over 1000 people have been killed by security forces.

Syrian authorities unjustly blame armed groups and foreign elements for the violence, alleging security forces have been given clear instructions not to hurt civilians. Human rights organizations however beg to differ submitting many reports and calling on the world to speak up, speak louder and abandon the passiveness and apathy and save the oppressed civilians.