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Haneyya: Palestinians on Threshold of Promising Future
Haneyya: Palestinians on Threshold of Promising Future
Saturday, June 4,2011 19:29

Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya said that Hamas had successfully merged between resistance of the Israeli occupation and governance and stressed that the Palestinians are on the “threshold of a new stage and promising future”.

The PM said so Friday evening to mark the grand opening of the Beisan tourist city in northern Gaza Strip.

“We have been able during the past years to combine between resistance and rule in parallel lines,” Haneyya said.

He pointed out that his government, run by Hamas for five years, has carefully selected its priorities in a way that has served the interests of the Palestinians and countered Israeli occupation policies.

“Priorities have gone parallel,” the Palestinian premier explained. “We gave precedence to the rifle when it had priority, and we gave precedence to liberation and then change. Today we give precedence to reconstruction.”

“This reconstruction [has been taking place] despite a lack of resources and the [Israeli] siege, but it offers a bright image of Islam and our Islamic civilization and government,” Haneyya said.

He also confirmed that the Palestinians are on the “threshold of a new stage and a promising future”, and stated that the recreational and tourist city would help serve the Palestinians.

Beisan is said to have been erected on a waste site that turned into a “green oasis”. It now includes various recreational facilities, such as sports fields, amusement parks, a zoo, beautiful landscape, and agricultural land.