The MB's Opinion – Points of Agreement
The MB's Opinion – Points of Agreement
Thursday, June 2,2011 18:37

Egypt has been going through a transformational period since January 25th. On Friday, May 27th events took place in Tahrir Square and other squares around the country. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) submitted a draft law for parliament to discuss and called on the youth of the revolution to hold a national dialogue.
The Arab world is currently undergoing protests in Syria, Yemen and Libya despite the suffering and killing of many people.
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) believes that all political powers and parties should cooperate and highlight points of agreement and not concentrate on disagreements in order to pass this stage and bring about stability in Egypt through holding free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections.
The draft law of the parliament needs to be thoroughly discussed by all political experts and should be finalized as soon as possible so the nation can attain stability. Political powers and parties should agree on their candidates for the parliament and Shura Council in accordance with the new role of the next parliament.
The MB agrees with the electoral system that was agreed upon by other political powers which is just and fair for all public and political powers and which reflects the true will of the people.
The MB welcomes SCAF’s invitation to the youth to hold a national dialogue to listen to their opinions and have experts put them into action.
The MB warns about fear mongering and doubting the country's economic performance as well as other policies that are adopted by some people which result in insecurity and instability.
The MB highlights the importance of the role of the media in spreading correct information and the importance of being unbiased towards political groups in order to allow all parties to express their views while respecting the will of the Egyptian people.
The MB also calls on Arab rulers to respond to the demands of their people and to support the Yemeni people against the civil war that has been launched against them by the Yemeni president Abdullah Saleh who is using planes and artillery. The Brotherhood calls on him to step down immediately and stop the blood shed.
The MB also calls for the immediate halt of crimes including killing, arresting and torturing even children and besieging cities in Syria. The Brotherhood stresses that the general amnesty given by President Bashar Al-Asad is not adequate and is not in line with the legitimate demands of the Syrian people who are calling for public freedoms, abolition of the constitutional article which permits Al-Ba’ath party to be the leading party and the abolition of law No. 49 of 1980 which provides that any member of the Muslim Brotherhood is to be executed.
The MB notes the need to prosecute President Gaddafi for all the crimes he has committed, including destroying the country, shedding blood, killing innocents and calling for foreign occupation again.
The MB is closely monitoring unfolding events in Sudan and has warned about the seriousness of secession. The international community should review its position with regards to the unity of Sudan and the attempts to divide it. The MB calls on all Sudanese people to protect their country and its wealth.