MB Deputy Chairman: No Need to Engage in Second Revolution
MB Deputy Chairman: No Need to Engage in Second Revolution
Friday, May 27,2011 18:53

Appealing to the people to protect the revolution on Thursday, Deputy Chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood Eng. Khairat el Shater explained why the MB chose not to participate in the second “Day of Rage”.

According to Shater, it is more important for Egyptians at this stage to protect the January 25 Revolution, which has not as yet fulfilled all its objectives, rather than put the country at risk by engaging in a second revolution since, in fact, it lacked clarity and there was apparent confusion of objectives.

 He explained we need to concentrate more in working on building the nation and developing it economically and politically and continue to call through legal channels for the complete overhaul of the newly-established National Security body, which is evidently the same as the recently dismantled State Security, in addition to reshuffling the leadership and amending the modus operandi of state TV.
He highlighted that the group and its members will continue calling for the fulfillment of the right demands, however, it will not engage in uncalled for confrontations with any parties, and in particular, the army. He argued that the people’s votes made during the referendum should be respected and that the people chose for Egypt to continue to be ruled according to Islamic references. The MB has continued to call for democracy in Egypt through a civil state based on Islamic laws.
Guest speaker and former MB MP Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, accused remnants of the regime of inciting sedition and sectarian strife between Muslims, Islamists and Copts and called for channeling energies to Egypt’s wellbeing and not to deviate from the path of the still on-going revolution.
The speakers spoke at a seminar in the MB's Darb el Ahmar Branch in Cairo.