MB Bloc Calls For Parliament To Investigate Al Azhar Events
MB Bloc Calls For Parliament To Investigate Al Azhar Events
Monday, December 18,2006 00:00

MB Parl’t Bloc Demands Parl’t Fact-Finding Committee over Azhar University Detentions

The Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc denounced the regime’s latest security crackdown that led to arresting 140 students and professors of Al-Azhar University in one day; the bloc demanded forming a parliamentary fact-finding committee to study this case from all aspects.
“ This serious escalation against the Muslim Brotherhood over a sport performance that the MB students organized at all-Azhar University was overblown in the media. This escalation shouldn’t have been carried out and there should be an official apology to the MB students” the MB bloc said in a statement released today.

The statement – undersigned by the bloc chairman, Dr. Mohamed Saad Al Katatni- confirmed that the students had the moral courage to apologize in a way missing in officials who are older than them and caused disasters and crimes against the Egyptian people, but they never apologize for them, citing disasters of the Al-Salam 98 ferry, carcinogenic insecticides, assaults on journalists, violating worker’s rights and the huge price hikes.

The statement added that what took place in Al-Azhar University shed light on many negative situations that the student community is suffering from; this is due to the regime’s repression and violation of the students and the citizens’ political rights which are guaranteed by the law and constitution. These violations, and singling out student based on thier political affiliation and preventing them from running for students’ body elections; forced the students to form the "Free Union" that led hideous bullying exercises against the students as is the case in the incidents of Ain Shams University and the detentions in Al-Azhar.

The bloc’s statement praised the attitude of the Muslim Brotherhood group that sought to contain the crisis and declared its rejection to any situation that may lead to causing fear and worry among people, and showing MB’s care for the security and the stability of the country and showing the group’s reformist approach and peaceful method.