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FJP Abandons the Motto 'Islam Is the Solution'
FJP Abandons the Motto 'Islam Is the Solution'
Friday, May 20,2011 15:57

Helmi el-Gazzar, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stated that the party decided to abandon the slogan “Islam is the solution” used by the Muslim Brotherhood for decades in favor of the new slogan “Freedom is the Solution and Justice is the Application” during the next parliamentary elections
He added during the “MB and Civil Society” seminar organized by the Freedoms Committee in the Journalists Syndicate that the MB cannot govern Egypt on its own and no group or single ideology  can handle the problems in Egypt alone , calling on all political parties to work together.
el Gazzar said: “The MB seeks the emergence of a new and developed country based on the constitution and rule of law, with an elected parliament and judicial supervision, rejecting speculations that the MB is seeking to create a theocratic state, which the MB denies categorically.