Egyptian Security Beat Journalist Mohammed Abdul Quddus
Tuesday, December 19,2006 00:00
By Ikhanweb

In a continuous violation 0f rights of journalists in Egypt, Mohamed Abdul Quddus, the secretary general of the freedoms committee in the Press Syndicate yesterday was beaten by ten security agents because he insisted on breaking the security siege around the syndicate, and standing amid Abdul Khalek Tharwat street and chant slogans against the regime through a loudspeaker.

A small number of journalists holding a strike in the syndicate led to  postponing the demonstration scheduled yesterday to Monday in protest at arresting journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin who works in Afaq Arabiya newspaper; the sit-in witnessed skirmishes between the security forces and Muslim Brotherhood journalists.

The syndicate’s freedoms committee considered arresting Ezzuddin as unjust measure that came under the emergency law that controls the country. It demanded Attorney General, counselor Abdul Magid Mahmoud to intervene to end the crisis, urging the journalists in all institutions to participate in a complete sit-in protest at the unjustified detentions against journalists specially that Ezzuddin isn’t related to Al-Azhar incidents or the students’ military parade for which the security services launched a crackdown on the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood and university students.

For his part, Mohamed Abdul Quddus told Ikhwanweb that this treatment and assault against him in person is an adopted policy on the part of the security forces during the era of the current Interior Minister whom the regime uses as a stick to hit all.
“ I have exercised my constitutional right of expressing my opinion with full freedom and I will continue doing so: all of us must confront this unjust dictatorial regime” Abd Al-Qudus said, adding that he demand president Mubarak to release journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin as he declared in his election program that he won’t jail any journalist.
It is worth noting that the phenomenon of beating and assaulting journalists has recently became a steady policy among Egyptian security services, specially since the famous incident- during the referendum- of beating and sexually harassing some Egyptology female journalists during a demonstration against the referendum and also the famous incident of beating the opposition journalist, Abdul Halim Kandeel.

Picture From Wael Abbass