Islamphobia on the Rise
Islamphobia on the Rise
Sunday, May 8,2011 18:20

Two Muslim clerics were ordered off a plane in the US recently as they were traveling to a religious conference. After being cleared by security administration  they were subjected to additional security screening. They finally boarded the Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight and the plane left the gate, but then turned around and the two men were expelled.

The reason for their expulsion was that some passengers may be 'uncomfortable' with their presence on the plane. Both men were wearing traditional Islamic dress including skull caps. The pilot made this decision without any substantial fear for public safety; relying only on his passenger's level of 'comfort'.

Fears of retaliation from Al-Qaeda after the reported death of Osama bin Laden has led to security keeping a closer eye on Muslims.

With the reported death of the Al-Qaeda leader, many people had hoped he would no longer represent the image of Islam and that Islamphobia would decrease. However, after this recent plane incident the complicated nature of the relationship between the general US population and Muslim Americans has become manifest.

The plane incident is only one of many; since the announcement of bin Laden's death inflammatory graffiti was spray-painted on a mosque in Portland, US  and in Georgia a Muslim man was barred from a courtroom because he  refused to remove his head covering, even though wearing religious headwear was legalized in this place about two years ago.

As Muslims worldwide get caught up in the anti-terrorism movement, in the US 73 % of people aged 18 to 29 say Muslims are the most discriminated against and Muslims are also subjected to racial profiling than other minority groups.