MB Offshoot in Jordan Calls on Assad to End Violence
MB Offshoot in Jordan Calls on Assad to End Violence
Friday, April 29,2011 11:29

The Islamic Action Front the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm in Jordan has called on Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad to listen to the people’s demands for democracy and end its use of force against protestors.

According to its website the MB’s offshoot vehemently condemned the use of violence which martyred hundreds and injured many people among the heroic Syrian protesters. In a statement it urged Al Assad to respond to the demands of the people for real and serious political reform adding that the Syrian regime should move toward a multiparty political system and stop monopolizing power in the hand of a single party and one group.

Human Right’s reports that Syria’s government has positioned tanks in cities where protests have continued to take place and clashes have left hundreds of people dead and scores detained. According to the report the current outbreak is the most serious unrest Syria has seen since Al Assad’s father late President Hafez crushed opposition in the city of Hama, killing as many as 10,000 people

In turn the regime and its loyal officials have blamed terrorist gangs, Islamists and foreign forces of seeking to weaken the rule of the secular Baath party. It has also accused what it described as local armed gangs of receiving foreign weapons and money from the city of Daraa, close to the Jordanian border.