MB Overcomes Suspicion in Uncertain Times
MB Overcomes Suspicion in Uncertain Times
Thursday, April 28,2011 12:03

After the heightened emotion and success of Egypt 's January 25th Revolution that left the global community standing in awe, many issues are yet to be resolved. A few months later, Egypt is still experiencing protests, strikes and growing lawlessness.

The youth who spear-headed the revolution are still without a leader. Egyptians are wary of the interference of foreign powers in the nation's ongoing political struggle and despite the spirit of hope there is an atmosphere of unease. 

Yet, despite the challenges, the Muslim Brotherhood remains a stable element in Egypt's transitory phase.

Ousted president Mubarak left a legacy of corruption and falsehood amongst which is the image he drew of the Muslim Brotherhood that – due to his fear mongering - is top of the international community's list of feared Islamist groups. The Mubarak regime penned this negative image of the MB to justify their harsh methods in dealing with them and other opposition groups during Mubarak's tyrannical reign. The MB has clearly and consistently stated that it renounces all forms of violence and seeks a civil state based on Islamic ethics.

Moreover, the MB has reiterated that it will not propose a candidate for the upcoming elections, stating that whatever happens in the future will be up to the Egyptian people to decide once free and fair elections become a regular part of the nation's democratic lifestyle. The emergence of the Freedom and Justice party is a means to positively affect the nation's unity, and overcome the negative transitory outcomes of the uprisings.

The MB does not apologize for its commitment to Islamic values and ethics and the group has a legacy of trust and respect from the Egyptian people whom they have served with charitable support and services for decades. With the inclusion of all members of Egyptian society, the Freedom and Justice party is attracting Egyptians from all walks of life, including Egypt 's Coptic Christians.

The MB was recently visited by representatives of the British government  and due to their exemplary behavior during the protests and their reputation for providing grass-roots support to impoverished Egyptians, along with their moderate Islamic stances, the international community has no need to fear they will dominate the political arena and turn to violence. In fact, the years of political experience, insightful leadership and stability surrounding the group will facilitate growth and development in the nation. 

The MB insists that it does not have ties with Iran and focuses on issues of national concern; rejecting interference from outside. Any form of disunity and division within Egypt or any other Middle Eastern nation, will only serve the strategic ambitions of nations who seek their own interests.