Syria closes border with Jordan following Daraa massacre
Syria closes border with Jordan following Daraa massacre
Monday, April 25,2011 16:50

Early Monday the southern Syrian city of Daraa witnessed Thousands of Syrian troops backed by tanks firing indiscriminately leaving bodies lying in the streets.

Witnesses in Daraa claimed that the regimes’ snipers on government buildings and security forces randomly shot at houses since tanks moved in just after dawn prayers.

As a result people are taking cover in homes and bodies remained near the mosque as no one was able to go out and drag them away and due to the heavy shooting ambulances are unable to move.

In an apparent crackdown the army went into the town overnight and phone lines and electricity were also cut off in the area, some mobile lines were working however.

Daraa has become an epicentre of the protest movement, which kicked off in the town more than a month ago. According to reports 3,000 troops entered the city and raided homes in Daraa while shelling the city.

Syria closed all its land border crossings with neighbouring Jordan following the deployment of the armoured vehicles and the Jordanian information minister has confirmed that Syria was preventing people from leaving the country.

It appears the aim of the border closure may be to prevent demonstrators and activists from fleeing to Jordan.