IGA Chief: Mubrak and Suzanne to Be Summoned for Probe Very Soon
IGA Chief: Mubrak and Suzanne to Be Summoned for Probe Very Soon
Monday, April 11,2011 08:37
By Al Sayyed Al Abbadi

Assem al-Gohary, head of the Illicit Gains Authority (IGA), said the deposed president Hosni Mubarak, his wife Suzanne and other family members, as well as former prime minister Ahmed Nazif, will be summoned for interrogation within days.

In an interview with the state-owned daily "Al-Akhbar" on Sunday, he said the above-mentioned persons are currently being investigated by anti-graft agency, where we have a unit which is responsible for conducting thorough investigations, with the goal of collecting evidence and drafting indictments.

"Once we have received complaints from citizens about Mubarak, his family and former close associates who illegally increased their wealth, we asked the National Security Agency, the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) and Public Funds Investigation Authority to quickly make inquiries about their wealth," he said, noting that as soon as they have completed the probes, they will summon former presidential chief of staff Zakareya Azmi, Safwat El-Sherif, the secretary-general of the National Democratic Party (NDP) and Gamal Mubarak on charges of corruption.

Asked about the slowdown in action, the IGA chief said that the law obliges us to quickly open probes and punish those who divulge secrets with imprisonment. We are keen to implement the law and commit ourselves not to disclose secrets as long as interrogations are in effect but we will only announce decisions. Eventually, the facts will be announced in detail and soon cases will be referred to courts.