Salafi destruction of shrines and public property unacceptable
Salafi destruction of shrines and public property unacceptable
Sunday, April 3,2011 11:34

Numerous reports have been given by sources maintaining that some shrines have been destroyed by elements from the Salafi groups sparking angry demonstrations in Alexandria.
According to Al-Masry Al-Youm the group has destroyed religious shrines in Egypt's northern cities of Qalyubeya and Alexandria.

Egypt’s top cleric Ali Gomaa has triggered warnings prompting the Supreme Council for Sufi Orders to form a fact-finding committee to investigate the damage which is a clear violation after a memorandum was submitted to the Armed Forces citing 20 encroachments on shrines.
The destruction of shrines and mausoleums built within mosques is unacceptable as it is a violation of government property and should be prevented immediately.
Such actions should not be tolerated as it destroys the unity of Muslims in Egypt.

Although Islam promotes democracy which means freedom it does not justify the wanton destruction of property public or private regardless of motives.