Saturday: MB Youth to organize conference on group's future
Saturday: MB Youth to organize conference on group's future
Thursday, March 24,2011 17:20
By Hussein Mahmoud

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood youth in association with prominent leaders organize their first conference on Saturday in a luxury hotel in Dokki, Cairo to discuss some issues related to the group during the next phase.
Youth congress is primarily focused on the future of the group's organizational form and the relationship between the group and its party in light of the prevailing culture in Egypt.
The Brotherhood will now proceed to form "freedom and justice," and entrusted Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni to establish the party and the initiation of its administrative and legal procedures.
The youth had a great effort in expanding Brotherhood's activities, especially having played a prominent role in the success of the revolution that began in January 25 to overthrow the tyranny and corruption.
Ammar Beltagi told "Ikhwanweb" that the conference is an initiative to focus on urgent issues relating to the current phase and accounted for in package of demands in a series of meetings in a row the MB masses as individuals called for to participate in the group's senior leaders.
Beltagi added: "The conference will be followed by a series of workshops to complete what be suggested of different views and issue clear and unambiguous program."