Al-Shater says MB wants Egypt's Best Interest Only
Al-Shater says MB wants Egypt's Best Interest Only
Friday, March 18,2011 17:55

Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed that the MB wants the best interest of Egypt only and does not seek any interest for its movement.

Al-Shater,stressed that the MB members are not willing to run for the presidency or to win a majority in the parliament in the next election, but they seek consensus among the opposition forces and the country in order to bring a cultural renaissance to the nation.

He explained that there is a public debate on the future of the country sought by the MB in order to express the demands of the Egyptian people and to provide stability and renaissance.

Al-Shater said: "The future of Egypt is hopeful and we realize that we will be living in a difficult situation for sometimes, especially as Egypt has lived a state of political blockage, social disintegration and sectarian tension in the past and only started the renaissance after the fall of Mubarak with the cooperation of everybody for the best interest of Egypt.