Al-Shater: Freedom & Justice program to be unveiled in a few weeks
Al-Shater: Freedom & Justice program to be unveiled in a few weeks
Wednesday, March 9,2011 12:51

The recently released Muslim Brotherhood's deputy chairman Engineer Khairat Al-Shater has ascertained that the group's new political party, Freedom and Justice will be the group's official political wing and will aim at serving the entire Egyptian society.
Appearing recently in a programme on the Al-Jazeera Live TV "Mubasher" in Egypt,

Al-Shater indicated that the party's platform and regulations are currently being discussed. Al-Shater revealed that the party's program, board of founders and its regulations governing the relationship with the group will be unveiled in the coming few days and that membership will be open to all Egyptians who accept the party's programme.
He maintained that prominent Coptic figures wish to join the party along with many other key figures who are awaiting the declaration of the party's platform.
"Intimidation and use of the Muslim Brotherhood as a scarecrow at home and abroad by the ousted Mubarak had made it difficult for the MB  to be a key player in Egypt's political life', the MB deputy chairman said.
He pointed out that participation, not domination was the principle adopted by the group in any elections sending a reassuring message for all. He indicated that this was clearly evident in the Brothers participation in Tahrir Square.
Al-Shater underlined that the group seeks a comprehensive social, cultural, political and economic reform.