Supreme Council for Human Rights to Rectify Old Regime's Mistakes
Supreme Council for Human Rights to Rectify Old Regime's Mistakes
Saturday, March 5,2011 22:06

The Arab-European Centre for Human Rights and International Law in Oslo called on the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to grant amnesty to all political detainees, especially prisoners of faith and conscience who were arrested under the Emergency Law and those who were tried in exceptional courts and received unjust verdicts.

The centre pointed out that many fabricated cases were the result of conflicts between the regime and its political opposition resulted in the imprisonment of Khairat Al-Shater, Hassan Malek and 25 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood who received sentences between 3-10 years in the military case of 2007, as well as other members of the MB who are living abroad like Ibrahim Moneer, Aed Al-Qarni and Wagdi Ghoenim in case number 404 of State Security.

Ayhan Jaf, Secretary General of the centre, explained that these citizens were tried in a way to punish the political opposition of the former regime. He called on the Supreme Council for Human Rights to take serious actions to correct the mistakes made by the former regime.

Jaf expressed his wishes that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces would deal wisely with the amnesty decision and look at it from a legal and humanitarian angle and in response to the demands of the people which they called for in revolution of 25th January.