PM Sharaf claims legitimacy is drawn from the people
PM Sharaf claims legitimacy is drawn from the people
Friday, March 4,2011 16:31

Egypt’s newly appointed Prime Minister Essam Sharaf was received warmly by crowds in Tahrir Square as he spoke to protesters who were celebrating the removal of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq’s transition government.

Protesters lead him to the Square and chanted slogans calling on him to “Make the Oath”

Following the Friday’s prayers Sharaf delivered a speech telling the thousands in Tahrir Square that he would work to meet their demands. The former Minister of Transport observed a minute silence in mourning saluting the fallen victims of the Revolution expressing his sorrow and respect to the families of the victims and offered a special salute to everyone who took part and gave their all for the revolution.

He stated that he would work to meet the people’s demands and goals, stressing if he was not able to he would join the protesters in the square. Sharaf asserted that he draw his legitimacy from the crowds stressing that it was the people to whom legitimacy belongs.

Among the crowds ware deputy chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood Eng. Khairat Al-Shater and businessman Hassan Malek who were released Thursday following an unjust prison sentence by the former Mubarak regime. Al-Shater suffered numerous health setbacks and was released on the grounds of poor health. There has been an appeal that the host of fabricated charges be dropped against the men as there is no proof or legitimacy to the claims.

Al-Shater thanked the Supreme Military council which ordered his release and offered his condolences to the families of the revolution’s martyrs. He also called for the release of his colleague Dr. Ossama Suleiman who is held unjustly and remains in custody serving numerous sentences.