Beltagy: Dismissal of Shafiq's Government Is a Must
Beltagy: Dismissal of Shafiq's Government Is a Must
Saturday, February 26,2011 12:36
Wael Ghoneim, administrator of Khaled Saeed's Facebook group, went on the stage in Tahrir Square hand in hand with Dr.Mohamed El-Beltagy, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood chanting "Together, one hand" and "Shafiq, Marei, Wagdi, Abul Gheit are all void".

El-Beltagy stressed that the demands of the revolution includes the dismissal of Shafiq's government and abolishing the state security apparatuses. He praised the leaders of the army, stressing that there are no alternatives to the demands of the people.

El-Beltagi stressed that Tahrir Square will not be empty until Shafiq's governmet is dismissed and peaceful protest is a legitimate right.

Abdel Halim Qandil, co-ordinator for Kefaya movement, called on the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces to respond immediately to the demands of the people by dismissing Shafiq's government and forming an elected committee to articuate a new Contitution for Egypt instead of having constitutional amendments. He also called for the freedom to form parties, saying "The people want new parties".