EU contemplates Freezing Mubarak’s Assets
EU contemplates Freezing Mubarak’s Assets
Friday, February 25,2011 12:32

A European official stated that the EU is studying the freezing of Mubarak’s assets according to the demands of the Egyptian people and will decide the matter within the next few days.
Maya Kossianic, Spokeswoman for the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy in the European Union, stated that there are current discussions with other EU members on adding the names of: Mubarak, his wife, his two sons and their wives to the list of people whose assets must be frozen.
Foreign Ministers of the EU member countries discussed during their meeting on Monday the freezing of the assets of the senior officials in the former regime, without mentioning Mubarak in particular. They stated that this only happened because the Egyptian authorities had not asked for this at that time, however, they stressed that were ready to respond to the requests of the competent Egyptian authority.
Egypt’s public prosecutor, Abdel Magid Mahmoud, has asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs to request the European countries, the freezing of Mubarak’s bank accounts and assets as well as those of his wife Suzanne, his son Alaa and his wife Heidi Magdy Rasekh and his other son Gamal and his wife Khadiga Mahmoud El-Gammal.

A judicial source has stated that the general prosecutor has received a large number of complaints on the wealth of the former president Mubarak and his family which is being saved outside Egypt. Some of those who submitted the complaints provided documents which will be studied by the prosecution.