Death toll rises as Libyan regime cracks down on protestors
Death toll rises as Libyan regime cracks down on protestors
Saturday, February 19,2011 14:38

 In what has appeared to be a domino effect in the Arab world where shaken regimes across the region are bracing a wave of demonstrations inspired by the ousters of long-serving rulers Libya too witnessed at least 46 people dying in clashes between anti-Gaddafi protesters and security forces since Wednesday.

According to anonymous sources however the actual death toll may be higher, with up to 35 deaths reported by a single hospital in Benghazi alone.

Human Rights Watch has stated that security forces have not hesitated to crack down on demonstrations, and at least 84 people were killed over the three days of protests.

 State media has issued warnings against retaliation against critics of Moamar Gaddafi, who has been in power for more than 40 years. The centre of unrest is in regional towns and cities, where many people live in poverty.

Kaddafi’s regime has vowed to crush any challenge, with the country's Revolutionary Committees vowing that their response to any adventure will be sharp and violent.

Middle East and North Africa director, Joe Stork has reported that Moamar Kaddafi’s security forces were firing and killing Libyan citizens simply because they were demanding change and accountability.

Reports of deaths were reported when fires were shot by security forces in Benghazi on Friday after protesters approached a residential compound used by Colonel Gaddafi.

It appears now that the dictatorial tyrant understands not the language of dialogue but that of force following the crackdowns.