ANHRI Calls for A Policy for Information Access and Transparency
ANHRI Calls for A Policy for Information Access and Transparency
Tuesday, February 15,2011 09:46

The Arabic Network for Human Rights has called on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that is temporarily running Egypt until the election of a civil government, to work on a policy of information dissemination and circulation in a timely and transparent manner. It calls on the army to demonstrate preliminary steps beginning with providing a list of the hundreds of detainees’ names, whereabouts and the reasons for detention since 25/1/2011. According to the ANHRI, rumour has it that those citizens are detained in military camps or prisons.

The Arabic Network and other independent human rights organizations have received information of enforced disappearance by families who said that there are lists of prisoners in military prisons and camps , however, most of the families do not know where to go or whom to contact to determine the fate of their relatives. The Arab Network advises that the Military Supreme Council should order the state owned newspapers to publish the lists of names of detainees, places of detention and the reasons for detention since the start of the revolution. It believes this is a step that will reassure families about their relatives, and make them feel that they have the right to information related to prisoners which is a significant step towards building a democratic government that respects the rights and will of its citizens.

The Arab Network stresses that the Prosecutor General must announce from time to time the results of investigations with members of the former ruling party and police officers of the former regime in order that Egyptians, especially young Egyptians who led the revolution, would believe that the revolution has led to the state of the rule of law and that tracking the corrupt and repressive individuals has already begun, considering that all information relevant to the people, is the right of the people.

Egyptians do not want to feel that the old policies of absorption of anger continue to prevail. Corrupt lists and developments of investigations must be announced, as well as the names of corrupt and repressive figures who looted and terrorized Egyptians during the previous era.