MB: We call for a civil state to serve all of Egypt
MB: We call for a civil state to serve all of Egypt
Wednesday, February 9,2011 19:41

Today’s press conference at the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary headquarters highlighted numerous points concerning the group’s stance on the people’s revolution.

During the conference the MB reiterated that they are not seeking power nor do they have any intentions of fielding any of the group’s members for presidency.

According to the group the preliminary dialogue with the newly appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman was nothing more than the testing of waters in an attempt to see the regime’s real intentions for reform and constitutional amendments which would guarantee freedom and democracy for the people of Egypt.

The MB asserts that the group’s major concern is the wellbeing of all Egyptians regardless of religion, political trend and sect. It relayed its disappointment of the talks stressing that the regime sidelined the key demands in order for peaceful transition; that being the immediate stepping down of Mubarak.

MB media spokesman Dr. Mohamed Morsy confirmed that as always the group’s main concern is to work fully and cooperate with all political factions interested in Egypt’s wellbeing stressing that the group has not called for demands different from what has already been laid out on the discussion table.

Morsy commended the army’s role in Cairo as they continued to remain a neutral party however he denounced measures practiced elsewhere in Egypt where arrests were underway as people attempted to head towards Tahrir Square. He criticised efforts by some who attempted to disrupt the amiable relationship between the people and the armed forces.

Dr. Essam El Erian from the group’s Executive Bureau stated that the people’s demands have not changed and that the group, political opposition and all the protestors out in the square are adamant that they be met.

Time has come for people’s demands to be respected and they have once and for all abandoned both their fear and apathy and want to obtain what is rightfully theirs mainly a dignified life based on mutual respect, equality, democracy and freedom of speech.

Concerning the Israeli entity and the peace treaty, El Erian stressed that once legitimate parliamentary elections are made than the agenda is that of the people and the people’s wishes will then be respected and fully regarded.

In response to a question concerning the West’s fear of Islam dominating the arena El Erian rejected the idea stressing that the fears are groundless ideas echoed by the Zionist project to serve their needs. He added Islam is based mainly on values which advocate freedom of speech, equality, justice and cooperation regardless of colour, creed, sect or religion asserting that the group clearly calls for a civil state.

Ending the conference the group highlighted that it rejected any statements by Iran labelling the revolution as an Islamic revolution stressing that the revolution belongs to the people and that the MB are part of the people working with them and for them. Morsy stressed that it was unacceptable that there be any outside interference in Egypt’s domestic affairs especially from groups outside advocating violence which is in complete violation of Islam and its teachings.

The People’s revolution in Egypt is by the people and for the people and nobody else can be accredited for it.