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MB Group’s Youths to Participate and Respect Group’s Regulations
MB Group’s Youths to Participate and Respect Group’s Regulations
Sunday, January 23,2011 23:43

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Essam El Erian has stated that the MB supports any group which has demands and is seeking change in Egypt.
He asserted that MB youths will certainly take part in the protest slated for January 25th, however, they will be following numerous conditions, primarily adhering to peaceful methods and abstaining from any violence.

A large number of MB members will join the other political groups in the scheduled Day of Rage and will respect the guidelines, calling for respect of private property in addition to abstaining from any violence, emphasizing that the MB advocates reform only through peaceful methods.

The group’s administrative leaders have been summoned by security personnel in a failed attempt by the ruling regime to intimidate political opposition forces.

The MB has issued a statement calling for 10 demands, and leaflets will be distributed during the march to promote the group’s agenda and demands which are designed to benefit all of Egypt and its people.