Israel Fears Regime Change in Egypt
Israel Fears Regime Change in Egypt
Sunday, January 23,2011 22:14

An Israeli newspaper has revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fears the expected changes of power in Egypt, including shifts in leadership due to the people's uprising against ousted rulers like Tunisia's Zine El Abidine.
Israeli daily Ha'aretz published an article entitled " On behalf of 'political stability', where the writer said "by their nature, changes generate apprehension." And no one is more apprehensive than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sitting alone in his bureau in Jerusalem, trying with all his might to preserve the status quo.
He added, "World leaders are not eager to meet him. He is still waiting for an invitation from Beijing, which has yet to arrive. The only leader who invites Netanyahu frequently to visit is Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the salient representative of the world of yesterday."
No wonder, then, that Netanyahu flinched at the upheaval in Tunisia and the referendum in Sudan, opening this week's cabinet meeting with a warning about the "great instability" in the region, the newspaper said. The writer added, "When he was younger, Netanyahu urged democracy in the Arab world, but nowadays he prefers the tyrants. They can be trusted and do not surprise him."
The columnist said that President Hu Jintao of China is visiting his counterpart Barack Obama in Washington and it is clear to everyone which of the two is the stronger leader, which of them heads an upcoming power and which heads a power in decline.
Indeed, it became clear that the US president was depicted in the form of trying to save a great power that is on its way to collapse, namely the United States. The undeniable fact is that school children in Shanghai are outperforming American pupils in international scholastic tests.
He noted that there remains only the Palestinian question, which is bothering Netanyahu and threatening to erupt in the summer. The prime minister is looking for a way to outflank PA President Mahmoud Abbas, as the latter travels the world collecting supporters for a declaration of independence.