MB and ElBaradei warn Egyptian Government of Possible Upheaval
MB and ElBaradei warn Egyptian Government of Possible Upheaval
Thursday, January 20,2011 02:09

Former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei warned that in the event of the Egyptian regime continuing to smother peaceful change a popular upheaval will take place similar to the Tunisian revolt.
He urged Mubarak's regime to implement urgent political initiatives, warning that the general situation of instability in Egypt is escalating to dangerous levels adding that repression has never guaranteed stability for any authoritarian regimes. 
According to ElBaradei the self-immolation and widespread demonstrations planned for this week are only the beginning. He believed that Iran would become a key player stressing that the Middle East and Western policy should take Iranian influence into account.
Representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood agreed with ElBaradei, stating that Egypt would follow Tunisia if the government did not immediately amend the Constitution. In fact the MB has called for 5 demands before the presidential elections this year.  Furthermore Amr Moussa, the Arab League chief, warned the region's leaders to heed warnings of problems.