Abu Marzouk: Israeli Occupation Forces Our Only Enemy
Wednesday, December 27,2006 00:00
By Ikhanweb

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy chairman of Hamas politburo, denied reports of the movement’s threats to target US interests.

“The reports of the movement’s targeting US interests is farcical and groundless; the movement’s politicians or leaders in Al-Qassam Brigades haven’t issued such groundless statements”, said Abu Marzouk in a statement to Ikhwanweb.

Abu Marzouk pointed out that the movement is currently conducting a calming stage with the occupation forces; it isn’t reasonable to exercise a calming with the occupation forces while threatening or moving the war to another battlefield; this quite unreasonable.

Abu Marzouk confirmed that Hamas constants include restricting the confrontation to the Israeli occupation forces and restricting the battlefield to inside Palestine.

Concerning the fate of the national unity government, Abu Marzouk said the Hamas movement believes in forming a national unity government and it seeks to reach this; we hope to resume the dialogue with the Palestinian factions for forming a national unity government based on the National Accord document that most Palestinian factions approve.
Abu Marzouk pointed out that Hamas movement did not end the previous dialogue, but President Abu Mazen is the one who declared that the dialogue reached a deadlock; stopping the dialogue was reflected in the internal arena that witnessed strikes and clashes in the Palestinian street; the inter-Palestinian dialogue, specially between Fatah and Hamas, should not stop.

Concerning the solution for the state of security mess in the Palestinian street, Abu Marzouk said the clashes in the West Bank and Gaza are pushed and fuelled by unpatriotic elements who have their private agenda; the national inter-Palestinian rows have no loser or winner, because both will be losers.

Abu Marzouk pointed out that Hamas movement’s constants include preserving the unity of the Palestinians including all the all sections; this was clear when the movement was marking its 19th anniversary in the city of Nablus, when a group of preventive security members shot fires, leading to martyrdom of a Hamas member and injuring eight of its members; however, the movement didn’t respond to this incident and ended the celebration to prevent a bloodbath and to prevent any more clashes.
Abu Marzouk confirmed that the movement’s policy aims at unifying the Palestinians and closing ranks among them.
The Hamas Politburo leader called on all Palestinian factions to observe the calming and not to be driven to a civil war in which all factions will be losers.

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