MB offshoot in Jordan: Regime Faces Unprecedented Level of Hatred from Jordanians
MB offshoot in Jordan: Regime Faces Unprecedented Level of Hatred from Jordanians
Friday, January 14,2011 12:38

Islamic Action Front Party’s leader, Hammam Saeed, demanded that the Jordanian government addresses the crisis of the rise in price of essential commodities which amounted to levels threatening the society's security.
In an exclusive statement,the MB political arm’s leader  Saeed called on the government to put an end to popular frustrations by taking serious steps to reform, adding that the continuing pressure upon citizens would generate unprecedented public outrage.
"The unfortunate events that we see in some Arab countries, which led to many deaths and hundreds of injuries, is a warning," he said, adding that Arab leaders must change their policy instead of using live ballots, tear gas and batons in the face of public anger.
Saeed urged the Jordanian government to learn a lesson from what is happening around them as tension, public pressure, restriction on freedom of speech, negligence for opposition demands, carelessness when conducting direct dialogue with national political powers, failure to meet people's demands and their essential needs and disregard for issues threatening the country's future and its national security continues and maybe tragic and dire consequences."
 The MB Comptroller-General called on the government to stop responding to US dictates, urging them to take urgent steps on political reform, recognize the irregularities committed in the parliamentary elections, and talk openly to the people on its negative results in order to avoid the serious situation that might arise."
He also called for a comprehensive review on issues related to prices, particularly oil derivatives. "The government should be very sensitive toward the poor and issues concerning them," he said.
He also warned of what he described as an American scheme aimed at sowing chaos, raising sedition, and fragmenting and tearing apart Arab and Islamic countries, referring to what is happening in Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon and recent unfortunate incidents in Egypt.
He also drew attention to the need of redressing the impact of Western policies aimed at manipulating national unity, in view of the fact that what is happening in Sudan could be repeated in every Arab country regardless of its size.