MB chairman: Egyptian Regime Failed to protect its People
MB chairman: Egyptian Regime Failed to protect its People
Thursday, January 13,2011 15:48

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie, in his recent statement ascertained that the regime has failed to protect its people. He urged the authorities to protect citizens from the conspiracies that would undermine the people's safety against corrupters who work for their own interests at the expense of the country's best interests.
In his weekly message entitled "Serious Incidents", Badie stressed that the group strongly rejects the trials of the MB senior figures by military tribunals, describing it as unfair.
He touched on Alexandria's torture victim Sayed Bilal, who died in a police station in Alexandria, commenting that the security services focused its efforts on political persecution and completely disregarded its chief task of maintaining the people's safety and security.
He added that the death of the Salafist member in Alexandria as a result of torture by the State Security has revealed the fabricated claims on respect for human rights, by the West and the world's free people to condemn such heinous crimes.
Badie also denounced remarks made by France's Nicolas Sarkozy and Pope Benedict XVI and  their demand for international protection of minorities in the Middle East, stressing that the Egyptian regime's weaknesses, failings   and oppression to its people was the motive behind such acts.