El-Baradei Downplays Significance of Upcoming Presidential Elections
El-Baradei Downplays Significance of Upcoming Presidential Elections
Wednesday, January 12,2011 09:15

The political opposition figure, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, criticized the electoral system in Egypt and lessoned the importance of the upcoming presidential elections, saying that he prefers the issuance of a presidential decree to appoint a president of the republic which would be better than “expressive” elections in which the right to run for elections is limited to five persons only.

He pointed out that the parties in parliament, which he described as “decor”, will compete with the national ruling party’s candidate for presidency.

He also added in his personal status on “twitter” on Sunday that this kind of deception and tampering should be boycotted.

The former IAEA chief criticized the dire situation of the country due to the increased cases of torture inside prisons, despite Egypt signing international conventions, urging to end the state of emergency in Egypt, stressing that the orders of the authorities should not be used as an excuse for torture.