Egypt condemns Merkel's call for interference to protect Copt minority in Egypt
Egypt condemns Merkel's call for interference to protect Copt minority in Egypt
Thursday, January 6,2011 20:27

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in an interview with German newspaper Passauer Neue Presse denounced the church bombings in Egypt.
She highlighted that Germany was concerned in protecting Christian minorities both in Germany and worldwide adding that religious Freedom is fundamental of Germany’s foreign policy.
The German chancellor agreed with the United Nations statement that using differences in culture is not an acceptable excuse to trigger terrorism adding that it was imperative that we use this difference and strengthen relation by recognizing and supporting values.

In light of these statements by Merkel and others concerning the protection of Copts in Egypt the Egyptian government argues that it is well capable of protecting and securing its country. It highlighted it will not accept any interference from any foreign entity stressing that the attack on New Year’s eve affected Egypt as a whole.According to Egypt’s FM Ahmed Abul Gheit Egypt will not allow any foreign party to protect the Copts in Egypt stressing interference would infringe on the exclusive responsibility of the government.

The country’s most influential political opposition the Muslim Brotherhood stressed that it too was against foreign interference in Egypt’s affairs stressing that the idea of using human shields to protect Churches was in fact a notion the group had come up with to protect Egypt’s interests demonstrating that there was no sectarian discord in Egypt despite allegations. The group highlighted that Islam explicitly forbid terrorist actions and violence and that it ordered tolerance to all regardless of religion, colour or creed.