ANHRI calls for dismissal of Egypt’s Interior Minister
ANHRI calls for dismissal of Egypt’s Interior Minister
Thursday, January 6,2011 14:43

The Paris based Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has stressed that it is about time the government listen to the public and opt for alternative policies stressing it would control terrorism

In its written statement the organization stressed that the emergency law imposed on Egypt for 30 years failed to provide security and safety to Egyptians and  uproot the expected terrorism as a result of the extreme poverty ,oppression and corruption. It stressed the law resulted in nothing but an acute retreat in civil and political freedoms and the wasting of the rights of both Muslim and Christian Egyptians.
The statement referred to the church blast in Alexandria where ten of Egyptians both Muslims and Christians were killed and injured. It denounced the law stressing it exposes the failure of the governmental policies which resort to the police solution in handling terrorism rather than dealing with the reasons behind terrorism which are ending emergency state, combating corruption, respecting Egyptian citizens’ will and conducting fair elections.
The group cited:
“ We will repeatedly and continuously declare our stance , which is the necessity to adopt alternate radical policies to deal with terrorism , starting by ending the emergency state , allowing for fair elections , endorsing judiciary independence in order that judiciary would do their duty in pursuing corruption and respecting the rule of law and equality principle without exceptions”.
It called on the Minister to step down and called for his replacement to perform better and to provide suitable security for Egyptians instead of the atmosphere of fear that the poor suffer because of their poverty and the activists suffer because of their opinions.

The Arabic Network was vocal stressing its concern that terrorism will be an excuse to impose even more restrictions on civil and political freedoms in Egypt under the guise of combating terrorism.
It ended its statement asserting that combating terrorism is a duty for all Egyptians.