Nassar Human Rights Center: Alexandria, Capital of Arab Torture in 2010
Nassar Human Rights Center: Alexandria, Capital of Arab Torture in 2010
Wednesday, December 29,2010 00:47

 Nassar Human Rights center named Alexandria the "Capital of Arab Torture in 2010" after the center monitored large numbers of torture cases that had not been preceded by any of the Arab or Egyptian governorates. "Egyptian police at Sidi Gaber police station in Alexandria tortured three Egyptian citizens to death and there have been more than 20 brutal torture cases, including 26 that were documented besides those who have not submitted a complaint to the official authorities," according to a report released by the Human Rights Center.
In its statement, Nassar Human Rights Center said that five young men were tortured to death at Alexandria's police stations, namely two tortured victims at Bab Sharq and Menya Al-Basal police stations, and three at Sidi Gaber police station, most of which police claimed were actually suicides. Surprisingly, authorities claimed that on 27/10/2010, the victim hung himself by his shoe laces from the shower pipe in the bathroom of Bab Sharq police station, Alexandria.
The center has observed that activists in Alexandria organized over than 100 demonstrations to express their anger over torture and murder, demanding political reform, while people living in slum areas have organized 90 anti-government protests for their right to housing and the minimum requirement to live in dignity. People have been expelled from their homes and their lands by force or under threat of the use of force and the authorities have failed to provide alternative accommodation, sparking a mass exodus from areas in which they live, they said.
The report added that 162 young activists have been arrested while they were organizing peaceful demonstrations, most notably were peaceful protests in solidarity with Khaled Said's family, who died in June after two plainclothes police officers from Sidi Gaber Police Station killed him