Still Hope for Egypt Yet
Still Hope for Egypt Yet
Saturday, December 18,2010 17:59

According to US assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor, Michael Posner, there is still hope for Egypt yet.

In a recent article posted in the Washington Post, Posner noted that Egypt still stands a chance of achieving democratic change, despite recent violations, low voter turnout, ongoing dissent and direct government interference in November’s parliamentary elections which left the NDP securing a controversial and overwhelming 98% majority.

The editorial comes as part of a recent series of articles pressuring Egypt to make reforms. Posner highlighted that in comparison to its regional neighbours, Egypt opted to ban international supervision, unlike Iraq and Jordan which permitted monitoring, a trend in the region which demonstrates electoral transparency.
He added that the US administration believed that progress in political and economic reform in Egypt was significant for the country's long-term strength and success as a regional leader, in addition to supporting a strong foundation for both countries’ mutual benefits and interests. Particular reference was made to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Posner also noted that it was imperative that the Emergency Law, in force since 1981, be annulled ahead of the presidential bid scheduled for 2011.

Posner called on the High Electoral Commission (HEC), which took over the electoral oversight from the judiciary in 2007 to demonstrate its legitimacy by investigating the documented violations which marred the last elections. He also urged for free media and freedom for international and domestic election monitors, permitting them to carry out their work freely throughout the upcoming presidential campaign period.