IOA expels Palestinian families from their homes in OJ
IOA expels Palestinian families from their homes in OJ
Tuesday, November 30,2010 18:03

 The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) forcibly evicted a number of families from their apartments in a building in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, media sources in the holy city reported on Monday.

They said that Israeli occupation police and soldiers stormed the building and forced around 50 individuals out of their homes and threw their furniture in the street.

Um Hafez, one of the owners of those apartments, told Al-Arab website that police officers blocked her from entering her apartment as she was in Ramallah during the incident and rushed back to her home.

She warned Palestinians living outside occupied Palestine and have real-estate property in Jerusalem not to file eviction complaints as the real-estate are then automatically transferred to the jurisdiction of the IOA according to the law of the absentees' property, which means their eventual confiscation.