Dr Morsy: Security Services Engaged in Systematic Violence against MB Candidates
Dr Morsy: Security Services Engaged in Systematic Violence against MB Candidates
Sunday, November 28,2010 11:39

 Dr Mohamed Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesperson and executive bureau member, has stressed that the Brothers want to hold free and fair elections. The MB is keen to respect the law even though Mubarak's regime violates the constitution and pays no attention to court rulings. The government of President Hosni Mubarak says the November 28 elections will run on time even though Egyptian courts ordered 43 districts to be cancelled, indicating that the government is losing its legitimacy.

Mohamed Morsy in an interview with Al-Jazeera, explained that the argument on the Brotherhood's calling on citizens "to become martyrs through guarding ballot boxes" is incorrect despite the fact that security forces are engaging in arbitrary arrests and detentions reinforced by explicit instructions from the government. In fact, Sunday's parliamentary elections will be completely supervised by the security services making it easy for whoever wants to forge their results.

 The Muslim Brotherhood does not want to cause riots in the streets but wants "participation, not victory", questioning: Who is responsible for giving the executive power the right to non-compliance with court orders? Who is responsible for preventing independent candidates from submitting nomination papers? Who is responsible for the attempt to assassinate el-Ketatni?

 Morsy pointed out that the Brotherhood does not want others to intervene in Egypt's internal affairs, but wants to make free and fair elections, demanding PA speaker, Fathi Sorour, to clarify his words in which he warned that "US pressure on Egypt for political reform could lead to a religious state".

 Morsy added that the current tense atmosphere prevailing in the country is not in Egypt 's interests. When it is said "The Muslim Brotherhood's election success in 2005 will not be repeated again", is this a real election? The system must be subject to the people's choice.

 In a question about the Muslim Brotherhood's desire to establish a civil party, Morsy said: "The Brotherhood is ready to establish a civil party, stressing that the Muslim Brotherhood has all the resources to establish a civil political party with an Islamic reference which will express the group's vision for economic and political reform, a multi-party system and the ability to solve the country's problems.