Eliminated MB MPs Submit Memo to the President
Eliminated MB MPs Submit Memo to the President
Wednesday, November 24,2010 13:49


The Muslim Brotherhood candidates who had their names crossed off the parliamentary nominee list, submitted a memo Wednesday - two days after their sit-in - to the president urging him to intervene and order the enforcement of the court ruling issued in their favour to participate and vie for seats in parliament.

Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, Mustafa Mohamed, Saber Abu el Fotouh and Mohammady Sayed, were informed during their meeting with PA speaker, Dr. Fathi Sorour, that their elimination was politically motivated.

The MB asserted that their documents and applications were accurate and that they had met all the conditions outlined for candidacy, adding that the judicial rulings were final.

In their memo to the president they stressed that they hoped he would agree to their request especially as there had been numerous reiterations that the elections would be free, fair and transparent under the supervision of the Supreme Committee for Elections and the control of Egyptian civil society organizations and that it was their right as Egyptian citizens to take part in the elections as stipulated in the constitutional charters.