Ketatni: Regime Approved Assaults on Me
Ketatni: Regime Approved Assaults on Me
Tuesday, November 23,2010 18:41

Dr Mohamed Saad el-Ketatni, head and media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc, held the Ministry of Interior responsible for the attempt to assassinate him during his campaign rally on Monday evening.

Ketatni said: “Assaults on me by thugs were done with the approval of the Ministry of Interior, despite the strict security surrounding me since the beginning of nominations until the incident that happened yesterday.”

Ketatni explained that thugs were sitting in the street holding knives and metal batons and they were not stopped by police even though it is their duty to stop a crime before it happens.
He said: “I will continue to do my campaign rallies and will not stop despite the terrorism and bullying I have suffered.”

Ketatni added that residents of the Minia constituency as well as other constituencies in Egypt were sympathizing with him and calling to check on him, pointing out that following this incident, hundreds of his supporters demonstrated in front of Bandar al-Minia police station.