Over 270 MB Supporters Detained after Violent Attacks by Security
Over 270 MB Supporters Detained after Violent Attacks by Security
Saturday, November 20,2010 09:08

Stepping up hostilities against the Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s strongest political opposition ahead of the upcoming polls, Egyptian police and security forces arrested 270 of the group’s campaigners on Friday as clashes intensified and the sweep on the group escalated in a nationwide clampdown.

The massive crack-down on MB supporters has also been implemented on all independent media outlets ahead of the elections. Among those attacked and arrested were Mohammed Khalid and Mohamed Touhamy reporters for Ikhwanonline during their coverage of events in Alexandria.

In the governorate of Alexandria, security forces arrested over 100 supporters of MP Sobhi Saleh and MB candidate, Mohammady Sayed Ahmed, Hamdy Hassan and Bushra Al-Samny.

Moreover, 130 supporters of Samery Mansour, MB candidate in the governorate of Sharqeya, witnessed abductions by security forces. Witnesses saw security forces banning vehicles involved in the rally, and damaging 12 privately owned cars after detaining their owners.

In Beheira, arrests came during clashes that were sparked when security forces tried to break up a gathering of people supporting MB candidates, Ossama Al-Mohamed and Manal Ismail, and three people were arrested.

Security forces in Fayoum abducted 17 supporters of MP Kamal Nur al-Din and candidate Mahmud Faruq after failing to abort the campaigning process in which more than 3000 supporters participated.