Egypt's Political Future: The Parliamentary Elections and Beyond
Egypt's Political Future: The Parliamentary Elections and Beyond
Thursday, November 18,2010 18:10
By Michele Dunne, Amr Hamzawy, Jennifer Windsor

 Opposition activity is heating up as Egypt moves closer to parliamentary elections on November 28. But as voters prepare to head to the polls, the Egyptian government has tightened restrictions on independent media and civil society, and has already disqualified one-quarter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates. It remains unclear to what extent domestic or international monitors will be allowed to observe the elections. What should be expected on election day, and what will the new parliament look like? How will competition within the National Democratic Party affect the elections? How will the conduct and results of parliamentary elections affect next year's presidential election? And what will the elections means for Egypt’s relations with the United States and U.S. policy toward its key ally in the Arab world?

Amr Hamzawy (joining by videoconference), research director and a senior associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center, and Michele Dunne, a senior associate in the Carnegie Middle East Program, will discuss the high stakes of Egypt's upcoming election. Jennifer Windsor, the associate dean for Programs and Studies at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, will moderate.