Forty-Seven MB Members Arrested in Four Governorates
Forty-Seven MB Members Arrested in Four Governorates
Sunday, November 14,2010 06:43

Security forces continued their fierce campaigns against supporters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections in various governorates around Egypt. Since MB chairman, Dr Mohamed Badie’s announcement that the group will contest 30% of the total number of seats available, security forces have escalated their efforts to thwart the participation of the MB.
A nationwide security sweep against MB members gathered 46, of whom 25 were supporters of MP, Sabri Khalaf Allah, who were abducted in Ismailia constituency alone as they were hanging posters for elections supporting the MB candidate.
Twenty-four Brotherhood members have been abducted namely: Ahmed Abd al-Hadi (driver), Mohamed Tolba (physician),
Mohamed Ali Abdel-Fattah (engineer),
Ahmad Matar (student),
Monis Al Souli (businessman),
Ahmed Ibrahim (teacher),
Abdel-Shafi Abdul Rahman (accountant),
Ayman Jabr (teacher),
Khalid Taya (teacher),
Adel Khalafallah (MB member),
Ahmad al-Sharif (teacher),
Mohamed Osama (accountant),
Hany Gomaa (carpenter),
Mahmoud Arroug (student),
Abdullah Helmy (student),
Nasr Abdul Rahman (carpenter),
Medhat Madeen (teacher),
Subhi Al Sayed,
Mohammed Khalifa (teacher),
Ibrahim Abdeen (teacher),
Sayed Bakri (businessman),
Osama Abbas (Al-Azhar teacher),
Said Mustafa (employee at Al-Azhar),
and Nasser Ibrahim (employee in the electricity company).
In 6th of October governorate, the constituency witnessed 15 arrests as security forces kidnapped 6 members of the Brotherhood from Al-Ayat, Giza after they accompanied MB candidate, Hossam Shandi, during his propaganda campaign, namely:
Abdul-Qader Abdul-Hamid,
Amro Krima,
Eid Farghali,
Ibrahim Hassan,
Talat Salah, and
Ramadan Abdulla.
Five campaigners of Abdul Salam Bashandi, MB candidate for Kerdasa constituency, were abducted, namely: Ashraf Omar Khattab, Abdul Aziz Mohammed, Mohammed Al-Shaer, Ashraf Abdel-Moneim Emara, and Mujahid Abu Dunia, while 4 other supporters of MP, Ahmed Abdu Shabon, for Mazgona were abducted. They are: Eid  Farghal Eid,
Ashraf Issa Jebali,
Ahmed Tawfik Ahmed,
and Nadi Syed Hussein.