Jordan Fears Vote Buying in Polls
Jordan Fears Vote Buying in Polls
Sunday, November 7,2010 19:33

 With the upcoming elections in Jordan widespread concern erupts about new methods of “vote buying” and other election deceitful tactics ahead of the polls.

A statement issued by the National Center for Human Rights indicated that recurrent political and social pressures of the polling process do not live up to the internationally-approved criteria.  Buying and selling votes could result in the perpetrator spending up to seven years in jail.

In fact a number of Jordanians had been arrested in connection with vote buying, highlighting the escalating level of corruption in the country ahead of elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front has decided to boycott the election asserting the government had failed to provide assurances that the election would not be rigged. The government in the Middle Eastern monarchy however has vowed that there will be a fair voting process. A total of 763 candidates are expected to contest for the lower house’s 110 seats.